Preliminary reading list. Please note that this is work-in-progress. Other items will definitely be added, some may be subtracted. Hyperlinked items will generally be accessible from the UCPH network (incl through VPN).

Chapters from books

  • John Gerring. Measurements. Chapter 7 in Social Science Methodology, 2. Ed., Cambridge University Press, 2012. (copies will be provided)

  • Christine L. Borgman. Provocations, What Are Data and Data Scholarship in the Social Science. Chapters 1,2 and 6 in Big Data, Little Data, No Data. MIT Press 2015. (copies will be provided).

  • Alessandro Acquisti. The Economics and Behavioral Economics of Privacy. Chapter 3 in Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good: Frameworks for Engagement (eds. Julia Lane, Victoria Stodden, Stefan Bender, Helen Nissenbaum). Cambridge University Press, 2015.


Blog posts


  • Joshua Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke. Mastering ‘Metrics. Princeton University Press 2015.

  • Nate Silver. The Signal and the Noise. Penguin, 2012.

  • Christian Rudder. Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking). 2014.

  • Sandy Pentland: Honest Signals. 2008.